Tuesday, January 31, 2006

vintage good housekeeping ad of the day

Vintage Ad #10 - Mint, Mandarins and Mayo

Let's check off the ingredients...
* mayonnaise
* mint-flavoured apple jelly
* lime gelatin
* pears
* mandarin oranges
* pecans

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to visit your friend Ralph on the white phone.

Seriously, one wonders if the chefs inside conglomerate test kitchens inhale too many cleaning products while devising ways to match their employer's edibles in a single recipe.

Next time you open a jar of mayo/mock-whipped-egg-yolk-product, ask yourself: does this product have the fine bouquet, velvety texture and Kraft-smoothness of a '68 Kraft?

If anyone is tempted to try this, we'd love to know how it turns out. The Warehouse is not responsible for any damage to your tastebuds. Don't forget the dollop of mayo on top!

Source: Good Housekeeping, February 1968 - JB

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