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Vintage Ad #996: Special Tuna Dishes with Mayo

Two out of the three recipes from the Hellmann's test kitchen look reasonably appetizing. Tuna burgers? Sure, though I'd serve these ones as tuna cakes (Zatarain's makes a decent mix that produces cakes similar to this, down to the mayo). Baked tuna and noodles? Replace the mayo with creamy soup and I'll happy down it.

Tuna pizza? Perhaps using the right ingredients (normal pizza dough instead of the Pillsbury Doughboy's finest, Italian cheese, chunk tuna instead of flaked), but not this concoction. If Hellmann's produced a twenty-first century version of this ad, the tuna pizza would be of the sushi bar variety, with a bed of rice topped with a dollop of mayo and the raw fish/processed mock crab of your choice.

Source: McCall's, May 1975


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