Wednesday, April 09, 2008

this could be your shrunken head

Vintage Ad #267: What to do With Surplus Apples
Source: Our Fighting Forces #163, January 1976

We're playing with our food today, thanks to a kit from Milton Bradley that poked around the pages of comic books in the mid-70s (picture of the actual box). For those of you who didn't head out to the store or weren't at the head of the line when Toy Town sold their last box, try this recipe to make your own (along with the process for historical shrunken heads).

Who better to serve as a pitchman for a ghoulish, slightly campy yet child-friendly product than Vincent Price? Little ghouls at the time would have known Price for his appearances on Canadian kid-vid classic The Hillarious House of Frightenstein. Price was also a culinary expert, so he could have advised gourmet touches he could have suggested for a dried-up apple.

Around the time Price pitched the apple kits, he warbled You've Got A Friend from the first season of The Muppet Show.

Our lovely model was drawn by Mort Drucker, best known for his caricature work for Mad since the mid-1950s. During his first decade of toiling for Alred E. Neuman, Drucker was also a regular contributor to DC's war comics, with work appearing in titles like Our Fighting Forces.

Launched as an anthology in 1954, Our Fighting Forces would house several headliners over its 24-year run, including Gunner and Sarge (45-94), Lt. Hunter's Hellcats (106-122) and The Losers (123-181), a team consisting of former headliners who literally were that, having lost their own series within the previous five years. While Axis soldiers could be overcome, the power of the DC Implosion couldn't and the book waged its last battle in 1978.

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